PerSay in strategic partnership with INS Indriya in Singapore

Published 24 February 2009

A leading voice recognition biometrics partners with a Singaporean technology consulting firm; voice recognition is slowly spreading in both e-commerce and in intelligence and law enforcement

A year ago we wrote that “Philips and PerSay combine encryption software with technology that manages users’ ‘voiceprints’ and speech verification; both potential customers and privacy advocates say they like it” (14 March 2008 HS Daily Wire). We have written stories about PerSay both before and after that story, but still, one cannot escape the conclusion that with all its promise, voice recognition biometric technology is yet to become main stream.

The technology is making progress, though. PerSay, a leading provider of advanced voice biometrics solutions, has announced a distribution partnership with INS Indriya, a technology consulting firm based in Singapore, providing Voice Applications and Customer Interaction strategy, solutions, and services. The company says that voice biometrics technology takes advantage of the fact that each person’s voice is a unique and unobtrusive identifier, like a fingerprint. In contact centers, voice biometrics reduces operational costs associated with customer authentication, enhances security, and improves customer experience for contact centers that support banking, telecommunications, government agencies, and other industries.

The partnership with INS Indriya will provide our customers and prospects in Singapore and Asia with a local center of excellence and competence around the PerSay products”, remarked Ariel Freidenberg, executive VP, Global Sales and Business Development, at PerSay. “We are excited to be able to offer PerSay’s innovative solutions to Singapore and the Asian markets,” says Pradip Pal, managing partner of INS Indriya. “PerSay’s state of the art solutions make it so much easier for customers to interact with companies.”

PerSay’s Biometric Speaker Verification technology provides banking and financial services organizations the ability to combat increasing fraud and identity theft. PerSay says that voice biometrics enables simple and secure remote authentication for a variety of applications including phone banking authentication, e-banking transaction security, private banking, and password reset.

Studies show that consumers like voice recognition as there is no need for PINs and passwords. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies already use voice recognition in offender monitoring, voice mining, immigration control, and public sector contact center security. The company is quick to point out that voice biometrics solution enables secure remote authentication for a variety of applications including secured conferencing, time and attendance for employees including requesting access to enterprise data and self-service applications.