Police motorcade to transport Col. Sanders' secret recipe

Published 10 September 2008

KFC plans to modernize its Louisville headquarters; the company’s top secret — the fried chicken recipe hand-written by Colonel Harlan Sanders — will be moved next week to a secure, undisclosed location in a military-like operation

There are many reasons why individuals — and companies — want more security. Here is an example: For the first time in sixty-eight years, the powers-that-be at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFCplan to move the company’s famed, secret Original Recipe on Tuesday. KFC officials say the recipe, which is handwritten by Colonel Harland Sanders, will be temporarily relocated while KFC modernizes security at its corporate headquarters.

In order to move what it calls one of “America’s top corporate secrets,” KFC says the recipe will be stashed in a briefcase, which will be locked and handcuffed to the wrist of national corporate security expert Bo Dietl. He will then board an armored car and will be escorted in a high-security motorcade with the help of the Louisville Police Department and the security company Brink’s. The recipe, which was recently applied to KFC’s popular boneless chicken strips, will be moved to an undisclosed location for safe keeping.