Preparing for the hurricane season

Published 29 March 2006

To make sure your communication system does not collapse during the next hurricane, you may want to a consider satellite-based system

We reported a few days ago that FEMA is active along the Gulf Coast, taking measures to be better prepared for the 2006 hurricane season. First responders and other emergency crews may want to take additional measures, chief among them access to reliable communication systems which will be able to ride out even the most sever storms. One lesson of Katrina was that, while practically all other communication systems collapsed or were severely damaged during and immediately after Katrina, satellite communication worked. This is why last week we noted the announcement by League City, Texas-based Eagle Broadband (AMEX: EAG) of a distribution agreement it had reached with World Communication Center (WCC), a leading provider of global satellite voice and data communications solutions, for the SatMAX Alpha Emergency Communications System (ECS).

The Alpha ECS is now available. It is a portable, Iridium-based satellite phone emergency communications system designed for disaster recovery, crisis management, and emergency preparedness. The Alpha ECS creates a satellite communications hot spot which allows users to make wireless, satellite voice communications available from anywhere in the world. The system does not require line-of-sight and it can interconnect seamlessly with the public telephone system.

The portable Alpha ECS system contains 1 SatMAX unit, one high capacity battery, three Full Iridium Phone Kits, A/C charger with international plug adapters, car charger, leather holster, antenna adapter, portable auxiliary antenna, earbud, and user manual.