U.K. selects Telindus, SteelBox for ambitious highway traffic monitoring project

Published 14 December 2005

U.K. highways will be better monitored by a new nation-wide information collection system, which will also help in evacuations and other emergency procedures

The U.K. Highway Agency has selected Heverlee, Belgium-based Telindus, the network services provider, to design, implement, and support an IP switched network CCTV system as part of the agency’s National Roads Services Telecommunications Services (NRTS) project. Telindus, in turn, has chosen Atlanta, Georgia-based SteelBox Networks to provide the video storage equipment necessary for the project. The project is ambitious in its scope. It will provide a national digital system linking more than 14,000 message signs, emergency telephones, up to 6000 CCTV cameras, and traffic monitoring systems to the Highway Agency’s network of traffic control centers. Primarily designed to provide a road safety monitoring system, it will also give drivers real-time travel information to plan their journeys, and create safer roads, thanks to the nationwide distribution of CCTV footage to travel information and navigation companies.

The NRTS will also provide the basis for emergency planning such as city evacuation, prioritizing of emergency traffic during crisis, and more.

—read more at Telindus Web site; and at SteelBox Web site; also see the U.K. Highway Agency’s Web site