• Local police in Ohio create joint computer forensics squad

    Last week in Ohio, officials from three law enforcement agencies announced the creation of a joint multijurisdictional technology crimes task force; the new squad will be responsible for a range of crimes including digital identity theft, child pornography, as well as traditional crimes; with the increasing ubiquity of smartphones and laptops, criminals now leave a trail of digital evidence and investigators must be able to properly process this evidence without corrupting the data; officials hope that the new joint task force will allow the departments to share expertise, conduct training, and win state and federal grants

  • Border securityNew business: guided border tours

    The increased attention to the security of the U.S.-Mexico border has caused many Americans to want to see for themselves what is going on along the border; this gave Tucson, Arizona-based Gray Line an idea, and the “Border Crisis: Fact and Fiction” tour is the result; the guided tour takes passengers to various points along the Arizona part of the U.S.-Mexico border; the trips will be offered twice a month, or upon request for large groups; the all day tours, which include lunch, cost $75 per person