• Security professionals gear up for GovSec West

    Security professionals from across the country are slated to descend upon Phoenix, Arizona for the GovSec West security conference in November; attendees will have the opportunity to participate in educational sessions that focus on securing critical infrastructure, cyber threats, terrorism, and border security

  • Shells tracked by radar

    With the high costs of live fire training, the Pentagon wanted a shell-scoring system, and commissioned Cambridge Consultants to develop one; after fourteen months of development, the company unveiled its holographic radar scoring system, the Land and Surface Target Scorer (LSTS)

  • Cyber security job board channel launched

    The growing demand for employees with cybersecurity certification lead a leading job-search company to offer cyber security hiring channel, focusing on employment and recruiting in the information assurance field; the company says it has created the cyber security job board to target the expanding field of cyber security

  • The Certified Protection Officer (CPO) 8th Edition launched

    The updated version of a training course for Certified Protection Officers is now available online; the course and exam provide candidates with the IFPO certification; the course offers training in security technology, laws, trends, and techniques

  • Global water market could hit $800 billion by 2035

    Analysts are predicting that the global market for water could grow dramatically over the next two decades, with some projecting a $1 trillion market in 2020; “Water is the fastest growing market at the moment, with a size of $500 billion globally,” said Harri Kerminen, the president and CEO of Finnish chemical firm Kemira

  • U.S.-Canada border security deal threatens Canadians' privacy: security expert

    A new report by a Canadian think tank provides a critique of the recently announced Shared Vision Declaration between Canada and the United States; the report emphasizes what it calls the threat to the privacy of Canadians’ personal information posed by this new initiative

  • French nuke industry struggles to boost public image

    In an effort to curry favor with the public, for the first time France has opened the doors of its nuclear power plants for the country’s annual “heritage” event; public opinion polls indicate the French public have turned increasingly against nuclear power following the accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

  • Imation to acquire IronKey's security hardware business

    Imationa will acquire IronKey’s secure data storage hardware business, and Imation will receive an exclusive license from IronKey for its secure storage management software and service, and a license to use the IronKey brand for secure storage products

  • Siemens exits nuclear power industry

    Siemens, the largest engineering conglomerate in Europe, and the company which built all of Germany’s seventeen nuclear power plants, said Sunday it was existing the nuclear power generation market; Peter Löscher, the chief executive of the Munich-based conglomerate, said: “The [nuclear] chapter for us is closed”

  • $90 million contracts for developing anthrax vaccine and antitoxin

    HHS awards two companies contracts with potential value of $90 million for the advanced development of a novel next-generation anthrax vaccine and a new type of anthrax antitoxin

  • New vest offers GPS tacking and other information

    Canadian company Laipac Technology is showing its S911 GPS Vest which the company describes as “a high coverage assault protection designed for military, tactical law enforcement and VIP personnel that demand the highest protection.”

  • Secure mail service will soon be available in NYC

    The Millennium Group and SoBran, Inc. announced yesterday an advanced mail security service that the companies say will help keep Wall Street and New York metro area businesses safe from mail terrorism

  • FutureSentry, Sun Surveillance offer solar-powered intrusion detection

    Two companies join forces to offer solar-powered automated intrusion detection systems for areas with limited power; the solution enables a cost-effective deployment as there is no need to trench and pull video cable and power, saving on both installation cost and time

  • Tyco International acquires Visonic

    Tyco International acquires Visonic, a specialist in electronic security systems; the acquisition will strengthen Tyco Security Products’ business in the intrusion security market

  • Japan nuke accident halves nuclear power growth

    The nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant appears to have caused nations around the world to reconsider nuclear projects; following the accident, demand for future nuclear projects has been halved