• U.S. VCs rate Israel highly as target market for investment

    Israel leads a group of four countries — the others are Canada, India, and China — as a market for high-quality deals; U.S. VCs said the four countries were by far the most “seductive” markets for investments

  • Systems integrator Adesta is making a bigger impression

    Adesta is a versatile and innovative systems integrator specializing in the construction and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and electronic security systems

  • The ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index lists on the NYSE as an ETF

    The ISE-CCM Homeland Security Index has been listed on the NYSE as the FocusShares ISE-CCM Homeland Security ETF; Exchange-traded funds (or ETFs) are open-ended investment companies that can be traded at any time throughout the course of the day

  • Foreign investment boosts U.S. economy

    Last year the United States attracted $180 billion in foreign direct investment; U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies employ 5.1 million Americans with a payroll of $336 billion; this translates into annual average worker compensation of $66,042 — well above the national average; one analyst argues that we should not allow protectionist sentiments and misplaced security concerns disrupt this contribution to the U.S. economy

  • Cernium raises $10 million

    Virginia-based video analytic specialist raises $10 million from Chicago investor

  • MI5 warns of growing Chinese cyberspace spy threat

    Director-general of MI5 sends letter to 300 British companies warning them that their computer systems are under sustained attack from Chinese intelligence services; China engages in a systemic campaign to steal Western industrial secrets — and provide information to Chinese companies about Western companies with which these Chinese companies are doing business

  • Imperial Capital to acquire USBX

    Imperial Capital has been expanding during the past two years, and now it adds considerable sector-specific depth by acquiring boutique investment firm USBX; USBX’s analysts bring with them considerable knowledge of four sectors: Security (both commercial and homeland), government IT and business services, technology, and consumer; USBX CEO John Mack to head M&A at Imperial Capital