• Political wrangling over House homeland security panel's priorities

    Democratic majority on panel wants DHS authorization bill completed by 1 May - but panel chairman admits schedule may “slip”; Republicans want to make sure authorization is completed before appropriations are set, arguing that the authorization bill would give direction to appropriators

  • TSA meets initial screening cargo goal

    Congress has mandated through the 9/11 law that 50 percent of cargo on passenger carrying aircraft be screened by February 2009 and 100 percent of cargo be screened by August 2010; TSA says it currently screens all cargo on narrow body, passenger-carrying aircraft; these account for more than 90 percent of all passenger carrying aircraft in the United States

  • Neither presidential campaign has contacted DHS about transition

    DHS has set up transition teams to facilitate a smooth and effective transmission of information and transition of authority to the new administration, but neither the McCain or the Obama campaign has contacted the teams

  • DHS may operate under continuing resolution in the new fiscal year

    Republican lawmakers and DHS officials warn that allowing DHS to operate under a continuing resolution in the new fiscal year would have consequences for several programs, possibly weakening U.S. security; Democrats strongly disagree

  • Congress increases DHS budget

    Congress adds 6 percent — or $2.3 billion — to DHS budget over President Bush’s request; $950 million added for state homeland security grants, the same as last year, and $750 million above the requested level