Theater of the absurdAd for Israeli supermarket chain inspired Mossad's Dubai slaying

Published 15 March 2010

Discount supermarket chain commercial draws inspiration from surveillance footage of Dubai assassination; shows actors carrying tennis rackets, wearing wigs, hats; an actress wearing a wide-brimmed floppy hat mimics Israel’s policy of maintaining deniability, saying she “couldn’t admit to anything”

How is this for chutzpah. An Israeli supermarket commercial is looking to cash in on the infamous surveillance footage of a Mossad assassination team killing a Hamas commander in Dubai. Ynet reports that a new TV campaign for the Mahsaney Kimat Hinam discount supermarket chain shows actors wearing wigs and hats and carrying tennis rackets as they make their way through store aisles.

Advertising executive Sefi Shaked says the campaign was inspired by footage released by Dubai police that allegedly shows the disguised killers prowling the halls of the posh hotel where Hamas commander Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was slain on 19 January. “It’s a funny take of this event,” Shaked said. “We were fascinated by the technique of using surveillance cameras instead of (expensive) high production commercial cameras, and the latest events in Dubai gave us a great opportunity.”

An actor wearing a tennis outfit like the one seen in the Dubai footage browses the frozen food section. An actress wearing a wide-brimmed floppy hat mimics Israel’s policy of neither confirming or denying involvement in the assassination, saying she “couldn’t admit to anything.”

Shaked says the commercial even uses the same kind of surveillance cameras used by Dubai.

Dubai has accused Israel of carrying out the killing. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement. The commercials are expected to air in time for the upcoming Passover holiday season.