BiometricsBiometrics for U.K. home bankers

Published 10 July 2008

Digital DNA fingerprinting technology launched to improve IT security and reduce ID theft and fraud for the U.K. banking industry

U.K. security integrator Torotech has become the first security specialist to offer the U.K. banking industry digital DNA mapping technologies which enhance security in access the Web for home users accessing their accounts on line. Financial institutions that adopt the new digital DNA mapping technology will be able to restrict online access by taking a fingerprint of the customer’s home computer when they join the service and every time they log on to the system it will compare the digital DNA profile of the computer that is trying to connect against the stored profile. The technology adds digital recognition of one hardware component to the user authentication process and can be the PC of the user or any wired or wireless peripheral such as a USB stick, mobile phone, or PDA.

Commenting on the launch, David Hawksworth, managing director of Torotech said:

There are a number of solutions that have recently been adopted by the U.K. banking industry to reduce the chances of online theft but these rely on standard passwords/username access or via smartcards, tokens or readers. The current technology can easily be lost or stolen and passwords are often not as secure as they should be. In addition the costs of administering and maintaining such solutions can be very high.

Digital DNA is so unique, like our own DNA, that it is impossible to duplicate and therefore can be used to protect personal data and financial information to a much higher level than ever before. With other systems there is danger of compromise either by password stealing or loss of the authentication device but with our integrated approach to security online theft could be a thing of the past.