HP adds security to network management package

Published 19 April 2007

HP adds two security applications to popular network management suite — and emphasizes adding security on the edge

HP appears to believe that if the best defense is not offense, then at least it is more agressive defense. In evidence: The company, aware of the security challenges corporations face, plans to integrate security into its ProCurve networking portfolio by adding two new and two updated security products. C|Net News’s Colin Barker describes the products as part of HP’s ProCurve ProActive Defense strategy, which is a combination of preemptive techniques, such as access control, and defensive methods, such as automated threat detection.

The ProCurve Network Immunity Manager aims to protect networks against external threats such as virus attacks. Network Access Controller 800 adds endpoint integrity to the company’s secure access control solution. Existing customers will receive, for free, two additional applications as part of the new package: ProCurve Manager Plus 2.2 and Identity Driven Manager 2.2.

Paul Congdon, director of ProCurve’s security business, says that the difference between ProCurve’s approach to security and the approach of other companies is that ProCurve wants to focus on “the edge,” that is, on identifying possible threats as soon as they touch the network. “The edge is the closest place to the problem,” he said. “It is the first point of attachment and is the best place for the defense.” Congdon highlights what he believes is one of the advantages of fortyifying the edge and providing a single network solution which covers security, routing, remote access, and wireless in one package: “Fortifying security for enterprises without massive and costly replacement of network infrastructure is a critical focus for us,” he said.