Loral Skynet to use net optimization tool from Allot

Published 16 August 2006

Loral Skynet, a global communications provider, will begin using a Minnesota-based company’s optimization tool, allowing it to better track the behavior of subscribers and solve contingency problems when they arise

Bedminster, New Jersey-based Loral Skynet will use the NetEnforcer AC-400 bandwidth management device from Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Allot Communications, a specialist in intelligent IP service optimization solutions based on deep packet inspection (DPI), to help businesses safeguard critical information and network performance in the event of natural disasters or everyday outages. Loral Skynet is a global communications provider, and it has developed SkyReach Ensure, a business continuity suite, allowing business, government agencies, and service provider customers to decrease the potential for network downtime.

Loral Skynet manages network traffic for more than 400 companies. As part of its offering, the company guarantees that any contingency network will be sized to meet the bandwidth the customer needs, when they need it. The NetEnforcer AC-400 allows Loral Skynet greater visibility into customer networks to inspect, identify, and analyze hundreds of applications and protocols and to track subscriber behavior. Based on DPI, the NetEnforcer AC-400 helps Loral Skynet optimize network speed, content delivery and performance of services on the network.

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