Making money in the U.K. homeland security market

Published 17 May 2007

The U.K. homeland security market has reached GBP6.7 billion, and it offers interested companies many opportunities — but these companies must educate themselves about the intricacies of this market

In early 1973 White House speech writers offered John Ehrlichman, President Richard Nixon’s domestic policy adviser, yet another explanation their boss, the president, could use in a speech later that evening on how he was not involved in the Watergate cover-up. The tired Ehrlichman, with more than a hint of resignation, famously said: “Yes, but will it play in Peoria?”

Research groups Frost & Sullivan, when it comes to homeland security products and solutions, asks the question: “Will it play in London (and Leeds, and Manchester, and Liverpool)?” Next week — on 24 May, to be precise — F&S will host a conference call to discuss an intereresting study they have just concluded on the U.K. homeland security market.

The U.K. is an intriguing market for homeland security solutions. There are many opportunities for technologies and solutions in some areas of homeland security, and very few such opportunities in other areas. We should also note that U.K. defense and homeland security companies are responsible for making the United Kingdom the second largest exporter of defense and homeland security products in the wold (the United States is in first place, while France and Israel are in third and fourth places, respectively).

The U.K. market is accessible to companies from outside the country, but to do well these companies should educate themsleves as to what threats the British public, government, and private sector want to address more urgently.

F&S homeland security analyst Marie-France Mann says: “The increasing terrorist threat perception in the United Kingdom has clearly influenced the government mindset when it comes to enhancing counter-terror policies. Many factors are driving the market forward, despite undefined budgets, to reach some GBP6.7 billion. The industry is facing quite a challenge here, as it must work within the constraints of low budgets, yet at the same time supply sophisticated systems meeting very high standards.”

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