ASIS 2010ASIS announces ASIS 2010 Accolades awards

Published 11 October 2010

ASIS Accolades are prestigious awards recognizing innovative security solutions; more than seventy companies competed this year for the 2010 ASIS accolades, and a panel of judges selected ten of them as winners; the recipients will be presented with the awards at a networking luncheon attended by more than 3,000 people on Tuesday, 12 October, at the ASIS annual meeting in Dallas, Texas

Judges representing end-users and experts in security technologies evaluated more than seventy entries before selecting the ten winners of the 2010 ASIS Accolades. The ten winners represent what the judges have determined to be the most innovative security solutions.

Accolades winners will be recognized with an award presentation at the networking luncheon attended by more than 3,000 people on Tuesday, 12 October. All entrees will also be profiled in the accolades on-site guide, and they will be searchable through the on-site product locator. They will also receive year-round online exposure on the ASIS Web site.

Half of the ten companies that were recognized by the ASIS 2010 Accolades specialize in surveillance technologies ranging from color night-vision, weapon detection, and system management. Accolades co-chair Ron Lander commented on the large number of video surveillance technology at the conference, showing rapid development and offering “enhanced analytics functionality and better resolution.” Lander admitted that this year’s program was very “competitive.”

Surveillance technologies

FLIR Systems received its accolade for the ChromaNox Color IP Night Vision Cameras.


The company’sF-Series line of IP security cameras now comes with the night vision option. ChromaNox is an advanced electron multiplied charged-couple device (CCD) camera that produces high quality color or monochrome video in lighting conditions from daylight to starlight, without the need for additional illumination. With applications for government, military, defense, police, security professionals, and the industrial science markets, this technology provides the visual color details users need to identify people and objects.

Homeland Security NewsWire had the opportunity to speak with Bill Klink, FLIR’s vice president for Security and Surveillance Business Unit on the company’s reception of the ASIS 10 accolade. “We’re really gratified by the award. It’s a completely new technology for the commercial security marketplace — the driving trend in the market to keep on getting better and better imaging in lower lighting conditions keeps us striving. This conference is always good for us since we’re in a business that benefit greatly by awareness. FLIR is known for bringing military technology to the commercial market—and since newer technologies are so easily overlooked in this industry, conferences like ASIS help to bring about the kind of exposure we need.”

U.K. based DEDICATED MICROS received its accolade for the Closed IPTV product. With the patent still pending, the SD advanced hybrid DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and NVR (Network Video Recorder) with closed Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a new and secure,