• Growth trends in software security favor Beyond Encryption

    Irish company specializing in developing software for protecting sensitive data stands to benefit from growth trends in the global security software market; most encryption products rely on the user having to remember a password to unlock their data; the approach of Beyond Encryption is to have access controlled by an administrator so that the data is protected wherever it goes

  • Canadian farm exports snagged in world safety net

    Canadian farm products have recently been banned in several countries, driving down prices at the farm gate; Canadians believe these restrictions have less to do with worries about food safety, and more to do with governments trying to placate the domestic farming sector in a recessionary period

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  • Obama's approach to illegal immigration has businesses worried

    The Bush administration tried to reduce that number by trying to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country; the Obama administration announced a new strategy: going after an illegal immigrant’s employer and its managers

  • Vulnerability identified in Amazon's cloud computing

    Researchers show that it is possible to find would-be victims within cloud hardware; cloud technologies use virtual machines — remote versions of traditional onsite computer systems; the number of these virtual machines can be expanded or contracted on the fly to meet demand, creating tremendous efficiencies — but the actual computing is performed within one or more physical data centers, creating troubling vulnerabilities

  • Raytheon buys BBN for $350 million

    The latest example of traditional defense contractors expanding into the information systems sector is Raytheon’s acquisition of Massachusetts-based BBN, the company which put the “@” in e-mail addresses

  • Boeing eyes energy sector amid defense cuts

    Boeing, the U.S. second largest military contractor, cites its expertise as it bids on slices of the $20 billion U.S. power-grid market; to compensate for cuts in funds for defense programs in which it was traditionally involved, the company is also moving into the helicopters, UAV, cyber-security, and intelligence businesses

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  • Lockheed Martin stumbles but outlook for other defense contractors is good

    Analyst downgrades Lockheed Martin shares on weak earnings outlook for next year; outlook for the broader industry has not changed, with low to mid-single digit revenue growth, greater strength in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, and support for ground forces as the war in Afghanistan ramps up

  • NRC rejects Westinghouse's new nuclear reactor design

    In what must be seen as a setback for the nuclear power industry, the NRC said that a key component of Westinghouse’s new reactor design might not withstand events like earthquakes and tornadoes

  • New Dutch project helps U.S. security companies find European clients

    The Dutch government launched its Public Security Innovation Center (PSIC); PSIC will work to match foreign companies selling proven security technologies with interested customers, such as governments, voluntary organizations, and other companies from across the world

  • A-T Solutions acquires anti-terrorism firm

    Trancite software products help with crime and accident scene investigations; other products help with site inspections and surveys; the company also has tools for investigating and analyzing terrorist attacks; this is A-T Solutions’ second acquisition in four months

  • Reveal Imaging awarded $3.9 million for personnel inspection system

    The company said it plans to use multiple sensor technologies and automation to avoid the need for human operators to separate threats from harmless objects using multiple monitors

  • Backscatter technology: the future of airport security scanning?

    Manchester Airport is testing backscatter scanning technology from Rapiscan; the Rapiscan system works by bouncing X-rays off an individual’s skin to produce an outline image of the person’s body

  • ioimage, Milestone in a technology partnership

    ioimage intelligent cameras and encoders can now be integrated within the Milestone XProtect video management open platform, offering IP video surveillance capabilities to enterprises of all sizes

  • Senate weakens ban on off-shore companies with federal contracts

    The “Buy American” provisions in the $787 billion stimulus package prohibited DHS contracts from going to foreign companies — or from “inverted” companies (that is, companies with phony foreign headquarters); in March the ban was extended to other government agencies — but the ban has now been loosened

  • Kachemak sees growing interest from military, law enforcement

    Alaska-based Kachemak Research Development developed an advanced vehicles’ undercarriage inspection system; the military and law enforcement are interested