AS&E says its technology can detect liquid explosives

Published 11 August 2006

Leading developer of backscatter X-ray detection systems says its technology could help in detecting liquid explosives

Rapid response: In response to yesterday’s events in London, Billerica, Massachusetts-based American Science and Engineering (NASDAQ: ASEI), a leading developer in X-ray detection technology, says its scientists are available to discuss technologies and methods which could be applied better to detect hidden threats to air transportation, including liquid and other improvised explosives. The company says that its patented Z Backscatter X-ray detection systems stand a higher chance of detecting liquid and other types of explosives than more traditional X-ray systems currently employed at airports.

The company says that Gemini, its new parcel inspection system, is the first conventional parcel inspection system to combine Z Backscatter and dual-energy X-ray technologies, allowing operators to obtain the most information about the contents of a parcel. This combined capability of the dual X-ray system increases the likelihood of finding a variety of threats, including liquid or other explosives, guns, narcotics, and other IEDs.

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AS&E’s Gemini


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