Law-enforcement technologyManchester, New Hampshire police orders 250 X2 ECD

Published 12 June 2012

Manchester, new Hampshire police department deploys 250 TASER X2 ECD, the largest such deployment in New England

TASER International, Inc. the other day announced that the Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department has placed an order to deploy 250 new TASER X2 electronic control devices (ECDs).

We saw the continued success of other law enforcement agencies using the TASER ECD to apprehend dangerous subjects and its outcome of decreasing officer and suspect injuries,” said Manchester Police Chief David Mara. “I feel it’s a much needed officer safety tool.”

We’re seeing increased momentum of our client agencies converting from the single shot TASER X26 to the TASER X2 ECD platform with dual shot, enhanced safety technology and HD camera capability,” said Rick Smith, CEO and founder of TASER International. “Our technology continues to provide a return on its investment by saving lives, reducing injuries to officers and suspects, and reducing excessive use of force claims. The broader public safety community is continuing to transition to the new X2 platform with dozens of agencies migrating in the past few weeks.”

TASER says that in the past few weeks several law-enforcement agencies have ordered a combined total of 266 TASER X2 ECDs.