DRS benefits from growing hunger for SIGINT information

Published 16 March 2006

Parsippany, New Jersey-based DRS Technologies (NYSE: DRS) is an eavesdropper’s dream. The technology savvy company makes receivers, tuners, demodulators, and signal analyzers to perform signal intercept, including cellular intercept, identification, direction finding, location and analysis functions within the 5 KHz to 26+ GHz frequency spectrum. The equipment can be deployed on board surveillance aircraft, helicopters, surface and sub-surface vessels, and vehicles, as well as at fixed sites. Now DRS says it has received orders with a combined value of about $22 million to provide advanced intelligence equipment supporting all installation types used in the collection of communications intelligence (COMINT) and signal intelligence (SIGINT) data. The company received the orders from various intelligence agencies and U.S. government organizations, but also from domestic and international defense prime contractors.

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