Icuiti to provide goggle-mounted displays to the Pentagon

Published 14 September 2006

Made in the USA: Bucking the outsourcing trend, an upstate New York technology company proudly proclaims that it will rely on local vendors to manufacture the various components of its sophisticated high-resolution goggle-mounted SVGA display

Rochester, New York-based Icuiti Corporation will begin volume production of its Tac-Eye Display System in October, with an initial 1,000 units to be delivered to the Pentagon. Icuiti’s Tac-Eye Display System has been developed during the last several years. Based on the company’s proprietary Quantum Optics designs, this head-mounted display incorporates a high-resolution goggle-mounted SVGA display and will interface with different computers and sensors currently fielded in the U.S. military. Icuiti expects deployment of over 10,000 systems in 2007.

CNN’s Lou Dobbs would love this: The company said it would work with local vendors to produce various components and electronics for the system. This fact was emphasized by CEO Paul Travers: “In today’s competitive climate it is easy to take manufacturing operations off-shore, to help reduce costs,” said Icuiti CEO . “The reality is that there are some wonderful companies in Upstate New York that are reliable, provide the highest quality solutions, and can be cost competitive. This product was designed from the ground up with our Warfighter’s feedback. We felt there was more at stake in this effort, both for them and Upstate New York.”

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