BriefCam video synopsis integrated in Pelco's DVR

Published 19 February 2009

BriefCam’s technology integrated with Pelco’s DX8100 series of digital video recorders; solution allows for one day of surveillance camera footage to be summarized into as little as a few minutes

It is good to see good solutions gaining traction. In evidence: We wrote a couple of weeks ago about BriefCam (3 February 2009 HS Daily Wire), a start-up offering a systems for video synopsis and indexing of surveillance camera content. The company’s solution allows for one day of surveillance camera footage to be summarized into as little as a few minutes, thus allowing rapid review and indexing of captured video.

The company has just announced an integration partnership with Pelco Inc., a big actor in video surveillance equipment. Users of Pelco’s DX8100 Series of digital video recorders can now use BriefCam’s technology. BriefCam’s video synopsis provides a summarized video clip of the original full-length video footage. The synopsis is made possible by presenting concurrently multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Clicking on any individual object or event in the clip invokes the original unabridged video for targeted review.

As we wrote two weeks ago, there are many advantages to this synopsis approach: video summarization allows for the rapid review of captured video to assess reported incidents and occurrences — as well as, the company says, the uncovering and discovery of incidents that may never have been exposed in the past due to the high cost of manual video review.

Pelco is always searching for the industry’s leading technology providers to further enhance our products,” said Terry Carver, Pelco API business development manager. “BriefCam’s ability to summarize hours of video footage into only a few minutes will allow our customers to save costs and time, while getting the most efficient video security technology available today.”

Gideon Ben-Zvi, chairman and president of BriefCam, said: “BriefCam is thrilled to be working with Pelco to provide the best video security technology in the market today. BriefCam’s technology is key to giving security personnel, retail managers, homeowners and others the ability to react faster and more efficiently in managing their security needs.  We look forward to working closely with Pelco in giving people the tools they need to achieve rapid results, at an affordable cost.”