CSC to help combat cyber warfare

Published 18 March 2009

Cyberattacks pose a major threat to the welfare and security of developing countries; developing protection against that threat offers business opportunities

Cyber attacks are emerging as a major threat to the welfare and security of developing countries (see, for example, “FBI: U.S. Facing ‘Cybergeddon’,” 7 January 2009 HS Daily Wire). This means, among other things, that there are business opportunities in providing protection against this threat. Falls Church, Virginia-based Computer Sciences Corp. (NYSE: SC) has established a new virtual cybersecurity center in a move to help counter cyber warfare threats for clients. CSC said the center — which will include the company’s Innovation Laboratory, Infrastructure Laboratory and Service Oriented Architecture Center of Excellence — will simulate cyber threats and potential security solutions.


Company officials said the security center would support security infrastructure, information assurance and identity management through understanding of information technology vulnerabilities. “Cyber warfare is one of the biggest threats to America, and CSC is applying our proven expertise and global capabilities to help government and commercial customers protect their networks,” James Sheaffer, CSC North American public-sector line of business president, said in a statement. “This new virtual facility will allow our customers to witness threats and see how effectively our programs engage to block potentially devastating intrusions.”