German companies offer new detection and diffusion robot

Published 29 March 2006

German companies’ contribution to homeland security has been surprisingly modest, so it is good to see two German companies offer an innovative bomb detection and diffusion robot — and do so in time for the June World Cup Soccer tournament

Germany is preparing for the World Cup of Soccer, with the opening game scheduled for 10 June. German defense and homeland security companies are using the quadrennial event as a hook to announce a slew of homeland security products. Two German companies — Berlin-based Robowatch and “berlingen-based Diehl BGT Defense — have just announced their Modular Reconnaissance and Defusing Robot ASENDRO. The modular reconnaissance and defusing robot explores the operational area where a suspicious object has been spotted —and does so from a safe distance and under the control of the police force or fire brigade. The company says that the robot is capable of detecting persons and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, climbing stairs, and reaching every nook and cranny. The robot has a sophisticated gripper arm which can examine suspicious objects and defuse them, if necessary.