IDO Security shoes-on inspection device adopted by several airports

Published 18 March 2009

Taking your shoes off for airport security checks is a hassle; a shoes-on inspection devise is gaining popularity

One of the more irritating hassles of air travel is the need to take your shoes off for inspection. It is thus not a surprise to see the growing popularity of a screening device which allows for a shoes-on inspection. New York-based IDO Security said its  MagShoe shoes-on weapons metal detection system has now been delivered to a number of clients, including two airports in Italy, three airports in Poland, as well as delivery of MagShoe units to Portugal and Nigeria. The company also has retained NetGenPR for PR services.


The company says MagShoe addresses a key vulnerability in walk-through metal detectors and other screening technologies; these technologies stop just above the ankles when scanning for concealed weapons. MagShoe, which is portable, extends metal detection to include the lower extremities, covering everything from four inches above the ankles to the bottoms of the feet — without requiring passengers to remove their shoes (see 28 August 2007 HS Daily Wire for a discussion of the company’s technology).


We are pleased with our results and market penetration that we achieved late in 2008 and early in 2009. MagShoe is gaining interest with airport security agencies as well as many other organizations where security is a must. We expect to have further announcements regarding additional clients in the near future,” said Michael Goldberg, acting CEO of IDO Security.