Isonics, DualDraw offer sophisticated, security-minded workstation

Published 24 February 2006

Remember the anthrax scare of fall 2001? Postal workers who sort out mail may literally breathe a little bit more easily learning that Golden, Colorado-based Isonics (NASDAQ: ISON) has agreed to have its ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) “sniffer” instrument incorporated into Commerce City, Colorado-based DualDraw’s patented Downdraft Inspection Workstations. The product is designed to provide higher levels of protection for mailroom and other workers who may be exposed to toxic materials and explosive threats. DualDraw is a maker of air quality safety systems for businesses and institutions, and it and Isonics have agreed last November to develop and market a new product which integrates products from the two companies. DualDraw’s downdraft workstation keeps toxic substances out of the breathing zone of workers who are inspecting items such as mail, packages, purses, and backpacks and captures such substances with a HEPA filtration system. The incorporation of Isonics’ IMS capability will provide advanced detection and early-warning alarm capabilities in the event toxic or explosive substances are found. Several DualDraw customers, including the U.S. Departments of Defense and DHS, have asked for this feature to be added. The new product would be needed, too: Mailroom Safety News reports that since 2004, more than 40,000 incidents regarding suspicious powders were reported, resulting in evacuations and lost productivity.

The new product will also help Isonics in its strategy of expanding its product and technology offerings in the homeland security sector. James Alexander, chairman and CEO of Isonics, says: “We believe this partnership will enable us to accelerate the successful commercialization of our proprietary technology by integrating it into first-quality products that already have established a successful presence in the homeland security marketplace.” This new product has a dual appeal to businesses and organizations in the sorting business: It will offer more timely alerts to employees of potentially harmful substances in the mail stream, thus offering added protection. At the same time it will minimize false alarms and, hence, prevent unwarranted downtime.

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