More U.S. cities buy JMAR's BioSentry water-monitoring system

Published 22 December 2005

Safety of water supply does not rank high in cities’ security planning; this is a mistake, and more and more cities are sharing this conclusion

For too long we have taken the safety of cities’ water supply for granted. This is a mistake: Water is stored in large reservoirs and travels long distances before reaching the cities, two facts which makes physical defense of the water supply impossible. The only way to protect citizens from water-borne poisoning is constantly to monitor water quality and purity. This is where San Diego-based JMAR’s BioSentry comes in. Several municipalities have already installed BioSentry in their water plants to monitor the water for the presence of potentially harmful protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium and Giardia) and bacterial pathogens (for example, E. coli). The company is tight-lipped about the identity of the U.S. city which has just purchased two BioSentry units to be installed in February 2006. One unit will be installed at the distribution point of the municipal water plant and the other unit will be installed at a pumping station in the distribution network. JMAR says that another U.S. city successfully tested the BioSentry in a water safety application focused on homeland security, and that a beverage manufacturer has purchased a system for quality assurance testing.

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JMAR’s BioSentry system